The symbolic skin color of Brazilian women is also the most vulnerable to blemishes . “Mayara suffered from post-inflammatory hyperchromia, that is, from spots caused by pimples . This is because the brown or black skin, which has a lot of melanin (which is part of the body’s defense army), sends this ‘soldier’ ​​to fight the inflammation of acne ”, explains Ligia.

Sure attack

The first step in controlling the problem is to combat extra oiliness, especially during the PMS period. “At Mayara, we use Bluelight photodynamic therapy to deflame pimples , eliminate acne-causing bacteria and also stimulate collagen production, ” says Ligia. It can be used on this type of skin (and even by pregnant women) as it does not generate heat or irritation.

Renewal required

Then, Mayara underwent a salicylic acid peel to eliminate lesions and small pustules. “It has a drying and anti-bacterial effect, great for young skin”, explains Dr. Ligia. Other peels – retinoic acid and glycolic acid – were also made to lighten, close pores and refine skin texture.

Lightening the spots

Finally, resorcin peeling came, a classic for this type of skin. Medium level, it can be done even by brunettes. “It promotes a deep peeling with little inflammatory reaction, which must be avoided at all costs in the case of brown, mulatto and black skin. Inflammatory reaction, in this type of skin, is synonymous with spotting ! ”, Warns the dermatologist.

Avoiding new brands

Yes, not using sunscreen aggravates the case. So, nothing to neglect the protector. “Although brown skin can stain regardless of sun, sun and inflammation (from acne or even insect bites) they call it melanin and leave marks.” In addition, you must fight acne at all costs. “I indicated to her an anti-oil soap, a tonic for everyday life and a stronger one, for the periods when the rashes appear,” says Ligia.

Saved Makeup

And it is not to hide the marks, no (although it is also capable of covering the pimples)! “I usually indicate a neat make-up for those who suffer from acne, with primer, foundation, everything they are entitled to. It is a way to prevent the patient from rubbing her face a lot during the day, ”says Ligia.