What is the Treatment for Acne Scars? 

Although acne does not cause serious or systemic effects, it is often severe by leaving sequelae. Some very aggressive cases or that have not been properly treated can leave permanent scars. These scars on the face tend to be dystrophic and deep and can greatly affect the self-esteem of some people.

The best way to avoid having acne scars is to aggressively treat pimples as soon as they appear, especially in people with a personal or family tendency to develop acne scars.

Once installed, the planned treatments need to be directed to the deepest layers of the skin, as the lesions are very deep. Therefore, only a few specific treatments, performed by qualified dermatologists, achieve this success. We must not forget that these are scars, so the treatments will be more aggressive and require a lot of technique.

The best treatment for each case must be decided by the dermatologist, after a detailed assessment of the types of scars present. When we refer, generically, to the term acne scar, we are talking about at least four different types of lesions. Each of these injuries is approached and treated differently from each other.

What are the most suitable treatments for acne scars? 
  • Fillers with hyaluronic acid or collagen biostimulators ;
  • Percutaneous Induction of Collagen with Needles (IPCA) technique : performed using equipment in the form of a polycarbonate roll, consisting of sterile microneedles, symmetrically aligned in rows – the Dermaroller;
  • Fractional Laser : laser that has a high affinity for the water of our skin, promoting its destruction and consequent healing, stimulating the production of collagen;
  • Microdermabrasion (Crystal Peeling) : indicated for more superficial scars, lighter cases.
How many sessions will it take? 

Whichever treatment is chosen, at least three sessions are required. The repetition of treatments, the repeated stimulus, is a recipe for success. The combination of different techniques generates better results, as each of them generates a different, specific stimulus, for each of the different types of scars. The sum of different treatment techniques is better than a single technique, repeated several times.