Homemade solutions can seriously aggravate the general condition of the skin, and especially acne.
The sebaceous glands secrete fats to create a protective mantle for the skin. With an increase in the production of this fat, the pore where it should reach the outer layer of the skin becomes clogged and what is retained inflames. This change is what we call acne.
The favorite target of acne is the teenager, but it affects men and women indiscriminately, but no one is exempt from experiencing this type of problem.


Causes of acnethey are the most varied and the first step to be taken is to make an appointment with a dermatologist. With several tests and some basic information about family history, eating habits, among others, the causes can be detected.

A simple cream, hormonal deficiencies and hereditary factors can cause the acne problem.

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– Hereditary factors : there are entire families of acne sufferers. In these cases, from 10 years of age it is possible to predict the appearance of acne.

– Hormonal imbalance : It is at puberty that adolescents have their sex hormones stimulated and with the activation of male hormones, a reaction occurs in the sebaceous glands, causing the appearance of acne.

– Ovaries: occurs in women with a dysfunction that does not transform the male hormone (androgen) into female (estrogen).

In addition, these patients in addition to acne may have problems with obesity, increased hair and menstrual irregularities.

– Use of cosmetics : greasy or oily products (such as moisturizing bases and creams, for example) can cause acne even for those who have never had this type of disease, not even in adolescence.

– Medicines : medicines such as cortisone, barbiturates, iodine or bromine-based syrups can have side effects and form acne. If use is essential, a parallel dermatological treatment is recommended.


Aacne has no cure, but it is a disease that can be controlled. Treatment varies depending on the patient and the type of acne.

The most used forms of treatment are based on oral or topical antibiotics for the most severe cases, drugs that dry the skin, benzyl peroxide, oral vitamin A acid (for very serious cases), among others. In addition, persistence is everything in terms of treatment.


People with acne must take some care that in some way contributes to the improvement of this problem.

The main cares are: skin hygiene, resistance to bad habits, sun and food.

– Skin Hygiene: the most correct is to follow the instructions of the dermatologist who accompanies the treatment.

But it is prudent to remember that skin care is essential. In this case, the skin should receive special soaps, emulsions or specific cleansing milk. Another important aspect is in relation to the use of alcoholic lotions that remove the natural oil from the skin, dehydrating it.

– Resistance to bad habits: squeezing and poking blackheads and pimples are a scourge for the skin. Hands can be dirty and contaminate the pimples, leaving marks.

– Use of the Sun: the sun causes a thickening of the skin while making the sebaceous glands work harder, although people think its effect is beneficial.

– Food:foods with a lot of fat, iodine, vitamin B12 will reflect on your skin, hair, etc. This does not mean that this type of food should be abolished.

Balance and moderation should be recommended. Chocolate, for example, can be consumed in moderation.

– Stress: for the treatment to work, before you have to be stress free. Nervousness, anxiety and discouragement do not go hand in hand with healthy skin.

– Skin cleaning : cleaning should only be done by specialists and under the medical recommendation of your dermatologist.


People must be aware of the problem, follow an adequate diet, maintain skin care as a purpose, and be aware that the treatment is long, but that the results, if persistent, will be satisfactory.

Currently, medicine has evolved a lot in terms of treatment for acne, both in relation to new drugs and also in terms of forms of treatment. Don’t listen to anyone and don’t try to self-medicate. Always seek medical advice.