Not all grains are the same. Find out how to remove each one.

When pimples appear, especially on the face, everything seems to be going wrong. It is true that they are not all the same: they vary in shape and size . But the truth is, when it comes to how annoying they are, there aren’t that many differences.

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It is normal that you want to remove those annoying intruders from your face or body, but you should not do it in any way. Therefore, it is best to know the different types that exist and how to eliminate each one .


1. Grain

It is the most common type. It is an inflammation or infection in the excretory duct.

Its hue is red and it is fully visible. The good thing is that they are easy to treat.

It only takes a daily hygiene routine, which you can do with natural scrubs .

2. Cyst

It is a small bulge, accumulation of fat of yellowish or white hue. Generally it should be treated with antibiotics, so the opinion of a specialist is important.

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3. Blackhead

These pimples are possibly in the ranking of the most common and hated. They are the famous white tipped granites.

These appear due to a small infection, so if they appear often the guidance of a dermatologist is recommended.

Still, you can use natural antiseptics, like honey or onion, to make them go away quickly. You can also use a natural exfoliant taking advantage of baking soda.

4. Black dots

Another very common granite. Black spots are the result of a saturation of fat in the excretory duct. This, either due to lack of hygiene or coming into contact with the outside, makes said fat take on a black hue.

To remove these pimples, the best are exfoliating masks. You can try a natural one, or resort to a facial cleaning with a professional.

The best thing you can do is prevent its appearance by exfoliating your face once a week .

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5. Boil

It is a large pimple, characterized by large sebaceous secretion and infection in the hair follicle. It is especially recognized for being very painful.

You must be very careful never to squeeze this type of pimples , as they can leave ugly scars. The best thing you can do with them is to go to the dermatologist.

6. Milium

These grains also have a white appearance, and are produced in areas where there is little sebaceous secretion.

What characterizes them is that the fat is keratinized, which is why it is impossible to get rid of them by draining them.

The only option for them is to go to a doctor , since a microcut must be made for their extraction (that is, a small operation).