Acne Scars

How to eliminate or soften acne scars

Learn how to soften or even eliminate the scars caused by acne

More than "simple" marks on the face and body, scars resulting from severe acne are able to affect the mental health of those who suffer from the problem - it...
Learn all about the treatment of acne scars with microneedling / Photo: Shutterstock

Microneedling for the treatment of acne scars: how is it done? It works? 

In recent times, microneedling has attracted the attention of those looking for a solution to take care of the appearance of the body's skin and, especially,...
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Acne: See how to treat (and even eliminate) uncomfortable pimple scars+

It is very common to take with us more than fun memories of adolescence - often, acne marks embark with us into adulthood. According to Valéria Marcondes,...
Treatment for Acne Scars

Treatment for Acne Scars

  What is the Treatment for Acne Scars?  Although acne does not cause serious or systemic effects, it is often severe by leaving sequelae. Some very aggressive...

Acne Treatments


Treatments and causes for skin with acne

The pimples are the result of an inflammation in the skin and usually focus on the face, chest, shoulders or the back . Although it can appear at any...
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6 Mistakes in Acne Treatment

The fight against acne is one of the strongest we have in our beauty routine during adolescence - and often even into adulthood. It even overcomes wrinkles! But,...

Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments? Understand what it is and which is the best!

Who never suffered from acne in adolescence or still suffers today? It is no wonder, after all, data show that the problem is common in 90%...

Acne Cause

What causes pimples?

Acne: hormonal and non-hormonal causes

Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory lesion of the pilo-sebaceous unit (skin structure consisting of the hair, hair follicle and sebaceous gland). The characteristic lesions can...
What causes pimples?

What causes pimples?

Acne is a disease that causes the clogging of the skin's fat glands, forming inflammations and rashes, which are the pimples. It is caused by...
What causes pimples?

7 Causes of acne that don’t let you have beautiful, healthy skin

  Statistics point out that acne affects  85% of young people in Europe. In Brazil, more than half of the population lives with this problem to a greater...


Whether in adolescence or adulthood, everyone has had problems with pimples. But, what are the main causes of acne and how to treat it? ADCOS Beauty and...

Acne Symptoms

Acne Types